житлові будинки

до 120 м. кв

120-160 м. кв

160-200 м. кв

200-300м. кв

більше 300 м. кв

інші будівлі






onder 120 sq. m.

120-160 sq. m.

160-200 sq. m.

200-300 sq. m.

more than 300 sq. m.

other buildings




administrative building

жилые дома

до 120 м. кв

120-160 м. кв

160-200 м. кв

200-300м. кв

больше 300 м. кв

другие здания





  • Фундамент – монолітний
  • Foundation – monolithic
  • Фундамент – монолитный

» townhouses

Townhouses: Quickly, Efficiently, Affordable

A few decades ago no one knew what townhouse was, even though this kind of housing has been popular in Europe for several centuries. Today, hybrids of apartments and private homes are no surprise. They are constructed in both large cities and small towns. Their main advantage is affordable price. Let’s discuss the main aspects of these projects.

Fundamentals of Townhouses:

Townhouse is usually a two-store building (rarely three or four store) with an average area of 180-250 sq.m. Design is often standard and vertical. The main floor includes kitchen, utility rooms and living room. The floor consists of office, children’s bedroom and master bedroom. Each floor has separate bathrooms.

Almost every project of a townhouse provides the following:

  • a unique architectural style;
  • separate entrance to each apartment;
  • no neighbors above and below;
  • a private yard (100-400 sq.m.), which can be used for garden, children playground, or car parking.

Among common features for all townhouse residents are the following:

  • roof;
  • water, gas, heating;
  • foundation;
  • electrical installations.

In some cases, there may be some sharing facilities for residents, such as, a garage.

What Avtor-Proekt Can Offer You

If you are interested in a townhouse, consider choosing to work with us. Our company had the following advantages:

  • individual approach to every customer;
  • efficiency and great experience;
  • reasonable prices;
  • documentary support of the projects.

Our company hires highly skilled specialists, such as architects, constructors, engineers, designers, electricians and workers in other areas. Therefore, any task is performed in a professional and timely manner. By the way, the company can offer your attention the finished projects of townhouses.

Because the townhouses projects are one of the main focuses of our company, our experience and competence will allow your dream come true. Make an appointment today and see our work in person.