житлові будинки

до 120 м. кв

120-160 м. кв

160-200 м. кв

200-300м. кв

більше 300 м. кв

інші будівлі






onder 120 sq. m.

120-160 sq. m.

160-200 sq. m.

200-300 sq. m.

more than 300 sq. m.

other buildings




administrative building

жилые дома

до 120 м. кв

120-160 м. кв

160-200 м. кв

200-300м. кв

больше 300 м. кв

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» administrative building

Design Of Office Buildings From Professionals

New administrative offices are needed today as before. It is not surprising, as more and more private entrepreneurs and large companies seek to build their own office instead of continue to pay big amounts for office leases. This is the right decision! Before you proceed with the idea, you need to create a quality project. Avtor-Proekt offers assistance in this matter. Designing of office buildings is one of the main areas of our company.

Designing of office buildings from A to Z

When designing the office buildings, we create not only main plan, but can design the following:

  • reading room;
  • archives;
  • office space and work studios;
  • library
  • banks, cashier office, safe deposit boxes, and more.

Other specifications will be taken into consideration:

  • location and feature of the company;
  • lighting, heating, water, electricity, sewage system;
  • efficient open-plan floors;
  • regulatory requirements of legislation;
  • architectural completeness and preciseness of forms.

Other possibilities may include: break room, cafeteria, parking, elevator, and other details that are necessary for staff and facility.

Design your office building at affordable price

Avtor-Proekt offers you to order the administrative building project. We will take into consideration all your wishes and needs. We also offer the finished projects of different offices that were successfully realized in the past. Such projects are available at lower price.

Our company hires experienced specialists, such as: architects, engineers, designers, constructors, electricians and others. New projects are created in the shortest time and at the most affordable price. During the process we guarantee individual approach, consulting, and realization of your plan.